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Orders to the site are due by Saturday at 12pm for delivery/pickup the following week. If you order after Saturday at 12pm, we do not guarantee you will get your first choices in meals, and do not guarantee delivery, but will usually be able to fulfill your order. We appreciate timely orders, to give our farmers enough time to prepare to harvest your vegetables.


The credit card you have entered into the al FreshCo website will be charged every Saturday at Noon. If you sign up for a membership on a different day of the week, your card will still not be charged until the following Saturday. Each subsequent week, you will be charged according to your subscription level on Saturday at 12pm.

You will continue to be charged each Saturday until you login to your account, and place your membership on hold. In order to suspend your deliveries, and being charged, you must suspend your account by Saturday at Noon. This will ensure you will not be charged for the following week.

Try One, A La Carte
Orders to the site are due by Saturday at 12pm. The credit card you have entered on the site will be charged at checkout. You will receive your order the following Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday depending on your delivery area.


Please ensure you specify delivery instructions before you checkout. We use minimal packaging for our meal kits, and ask to keep the kits cool after we deliver them, that you leave us a cooler with ice packs in it. We send a reminder email the day before your delivery for you to leave us a cooler. When we deliver, we will follow the instructions you have provided us on your order form. Please do your best to make the cooler obvious at your home. Leaving it on a porch, or on the side or back of the house is great to keep it safe from passers-by, but please be very clear in your instructions. If we cannot find the cooler, we will do our best to leave the meal kits in the shade by a front or back door. If you forget to leave a cooler, we will still deliver, and again, will leave it in a safe place.

Office Delivery

We will deliver to offices, and do our best to get there before 5pm on your delivery day. For office buildings with receiving docks, we will deliver to your offices front desk, and ask you keep an eye for your delivery. We ask the person at the front desk to leave it in a refrigerator if one is available. If one is not available, please leave the person at the front desk a cooler so they can place the meal kits in there until you can retrieve them.

Pickup Points

Please visit our delivery page to view the pickup points. Each pickup point is different. Pickups are on a particular day specified on the website. Please pickup your meal kits on the day and in the time period we specify. If you do not pickup your meal kits during the allotted time, the staff at the pickup point may give it away. If you cannot make it during the allotted time, please contact us at eat@al-freshco.com to ask if we can ask the staff to hold your meal kits until you can retrieve them. We are thankful to our pickup points for offering their limited refrigerator space, so please be mindful of this.

Menu and Ingredients

Our menu changes with the season, and is updated weekly depending on what our farmers are harvesting. We post our menu for deliveries the following week on Sunday at 5pm. If you order a meal kit on a Tuesday, we will reassign you to menu items on our current menu for delivery the following week.

We post all ingredients and allergens in the meal kits on the website. Our vegetable supply however can change due to pressure of weather or pests, and sometimes we will replace vegetables based on availability. The ingredients and allergens are always clearly marked on the labels of the meal kits upon delivery, so please check the ingredients on the meal kit, as they may slightly vary from what is posted on the website.
We construct our meal kits in a facility that handles allergens, and we work with peanuts, wheat, and soy. If you, or anyone who will consume a meal kit, have an allergy, we do not recommend consuming our meal kits, as there is always the possibility of cross-contamination.

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