How many does one kit feed?

2 Hungry People, some people get three meals out of it.

How long do the kits last?

One whole week, sometimes longer, since our vegetables are freshly harvested from local farmers, processed, and delivered the day after they are harvested.

I can't cook, should I get the kits?

Yes! We provide 3-4 simple instructions to cook the kits. You’re always welcome to call or email for help, but it’s mostly cooking grains or sautéing vegetables- nothing too fancy!

When do I have to put in my order to get my kit the next week?

Saturday at midnight for delivery the following Tuesday

How does it work?

You simply sign up for the number of kits you’d like per week, tell us where and the frequency at which to deliver, or choose a pickup point, and you will get weekly deliveries on your appointed delivery day. You can pause your account at any time.

Why should I become a member?

You’ll know that you’ll have fresh meals to cook each week, laden with locally grown vegetables. Our food makes you feel good while you do good for farmers, their farms and the food system!

What if I am signed up, but forget to choose my menu by Midnight on Saturday?

We will choose meals kits for you based on your past orders and what we think you’d like.

What if I go on vacation, or just want a break?

If you’re off for the week, we very much encourage you to share your al FreshCo meals with a neighbor, friend, or colleague- share the local love!


What if I want more than 5 kits per week?

You can choose several memberships at once. For example, if you’d like 6 meal kits per week, you can select the “provisioners” and “sprout” memberships for a total of 6. Just some light math!

What if I want to change my subscription to get more or fewer meal kits?

You will have to put your current subscription on hold, and sign up for a new one. SAME SITUATION!

Now you can choose your new level of membership here << – UPDATE THIS AS WELL

I signed up for membership; how long does membership last?

Memberships are recurring on a weekly basis until you put your account on hold. We want the food to be a regular part of your weekly routine- it’s great for us and our farmers- but we don’t want the food to go to waste, so you can adjust weekly if needed. You can place your account on hold Wednesdays-Saturdays (hold before Saturday at noon). To put your account, login –>Subscription–>View–>Hold <<UPDATE INSTRUCTIONS HERE!!!

How do I update my meal kit menu?

Login to your account –>Subscriptions (left column)–> View –>Choose Meal Kits in dropdown menu, verify delivery instructions, submit!


I have a food allergy, can I eat your food?

We produce the meal kits in a certified, shared kitchen facility, where nuts, eggs, shellfish, soy, dairy, gluten and other common allergens are handled. Some of our kits have common allergens in them such as soy, peanuts, and gluten. While we follow ServSafe practices, if you have a serious allergy, we do no recommend having our kits, sorry!

How do you decide where to source?

Some of our farmers are certified organic (a federally defined standard), others grow ‘beyond organic’: they never use synthetic herbicides or pesticides, they practice remineralization of the soil, and have diverse crops to maintain long-term soil health. Our farmers are great people who are growing food to nourish their community, themselves, and the land.

Where do you get your beans?

We source all our beans from Baer’s Best Beans located in the in South Berwick, ME. Charley, Rob and Maggie grow beans of all sorts to nourish and fix nitrogen in soils. BBB dries and cleans the beans. We get them dried, soak and sprout the beans each week, and then par-boil them so you can get that fresh bean taste, without having to cook for an hour and half. You can seriously taste the difference- you’ll never eat canned beans again!

Are your vegetables still locally sourced in the winter?

Yes! Indeed our winters here in New England can be harsh, but our grow some fantastic storage crops to last us throughout the winter. We put up a lot of food during the summer during peak harvest, like tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, pesto and garlic scapes to enjoy the fruits of our farmers’ labor all winter. Root cellars prove to be invaluable as well, having lots of squashes, potatoes, onions, rutabagas kohl rabi, garlic and winter radishes all winter long. We even fresh-freeze beautiful locally grown ginger to use in our recipes long after ginger season is over, and do likewise with herbs.

How does delivery work?

We ask you leave us a cooler with ice packs in it. We’ll send you a reminder the evening before your delivery day. Delivery is usually between 12-7pm on Tuesdays.

I'm outside your delivery area, how can I get a meal kit?

We have pickup points around Boston and surrounding areas. If you’re close to our delivery zone, email us at [email protected], sometimes we can figure something out!

Do you really deliver by bike?

Yes! Our city deliveries are done by bike, and if our suburban deliveries are substantial enough to get on a bike, we do those by bike as well; yes, throughout winter!

I forgot to leave a cooler, will you still deliver?

Yes, we will leave your kit in the shade or protected area as best we can. We do send out a reminder the evening before your delivery to leave a cooler.

How do the pickup locations work?

Our gracious pickup hosts have different hours, please check normal business hours on their website. We do give you a pickup window and instructions after you order and in our reminder email.

I'm a business owner, can I start a new pickup location?

Let’s talk! Some of our pickup locations have refrigerator space we can use for the short pickup period, or we can also leave a cooler. It’s a great way to get people coming to you on a weekly basis, and shows your commitment to local food. Please email [email protected] if you’d like to talk about having a pickup point at your location.

Packaging and Waste

We use the following packaging and methods to ensure this is the only waste a meal for two will generate:

  • Brown Paper: Made from recycled materials. Not made with any dyes, can be recycled again.
  • Twine: 100% biodegradable. Send it back to us, we can use it again!
  • Plastic: We choose the smallest and most light-weight plastic bags we can, to provide the absolute minimal plastic waste generation. Soon, we think the biodegradable materials technology will be good enough for us to replace plastic altogether.

Still have Questions? Feedback? Requests?

Please drop us a line if you have any questions at all. We would love to see you become a member!