We Source From Farmers Who:

  • Never use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides in the growing process
  • Have community wellbeing, crop diversity for soil health, and nutrient density of their food at the forefront of what they do
  • Are located in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine
  • Are outstanding people to work with because they love feeding people, love working on their land, and are contributing the the greater social good of our community

The Neighborhood Farm

Needham, MA

Neighbourhood Farm

Kate and Jude specialize in growing obscure varieties of tomatoes and garlic. They started growing in people’s backyards!

Visit the Neighborhood Farm Website

Upswing Farm

Medfield, MA

Upswing Farm is a small, diversified vegetable farm on the border of Ashland and Holliston, MA run by Brittany and Kevin Overshiner. Brittany and Kevin believe small, sustainable farming is a revolutionary act.  By farming in a way that is respectful of natural resources, employees, and community they are able to create an alternative to the products of the corporate food system which exploits resources and labor to produce profit margins for a very few.  They belive food can be affordable and accessible without compromising it’s nutritional value or the ability of future generations to produce their own food.

Visit the Upswing Farm’s Website

Vanguarden Farm

Dover, MA

Vanguarden Farm

Vanguarden primarily serves their loyal CSA customers, some of whom have been members for 25 years! They have a pedal-powered mill on which we grind flint corn they grow to bring you corn meal for polenta or any other creation we have going in the meal kits!

Heron Pond Farm

South Hampton, NH


Andre Heron Pond Farm

“We like to say our growing practices are unconventional. Heron Pond Farm started out certified organic. We have since let that certification go, but our commitment to the health of our land and our customers is stronger than ever. We have developed management plans that keep air, land, and water in mind as we grow, a whole-farm ecosystem.

We offer to grow food for you in your stead and we do this in the most responsible way that we know how. We are accountable for how we grow.” -Heron Pond Farm

Visit the Heron Pond Farm Website

White Barn Farm

Wrentham, MA


White Barn Farm is a small family farm growing fresh vegetables and flowers in Wrentham, Massachusetts.  The farmers, Chris and Christie Kantelhener are dedicated to using organic farming methods and believe in the importance of growing food for their community. They hope to inspire the locals to eat in season and take the extra moments to prepare wonderful meals for the people they love using ingredients grown with care.

Visit the White Barn Farm Website

Vermont Bean Crafters

Waitsfield, VT


Joe gets dairy farmers to grow beans as a nitrogen-fixing rotation crop to replenish the soil between hay harvests. It’s a brilliant way to mineralize the soil and get a protein rich crop to feed New Englanders! All of the beans in the meal kits come to us from VT Bean Crafters.

Visit the Vermont Bean Crafters Website

Full Sun

Middlebury, VT



The oil we use in all our meal kits is grown and processed in Vermont by Full Sun Co. Sunflower is a high oil producing seed, which produces a beautiful, rich oil to add to our local selection.

Visit the Full Sun Website

Baer’s Best Beans

South Berwick, ME


For over 25 years Charley Baer’s farm has been growing dry beans, mostly heirloom varieties that have grown here in the Northeast since colonial days. These types include Jacob’s Cattle, Yellow Eye, Soldier and others.

Visit the Baer’s Best Beans’ Website