Our mission is to build a more resilient food system by making locally grown food easy to cook and eat.

Our meal kits embody low-impact eating: they are vegan, laden with vegetables grown 100% by small to medium scale farmers in Eastern Mass and New England, and are delivered by bike in minimal packaging.

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Laurel, the founder and operator of al FreshCo, the best meal delivery service in Boston.
Delicious, healthy, sustainable, and vegan meal kits; Delivered in Boston, MA!

About Laurel Valchuis


My passion for supporting small to medium scale, diversified, organic farmers stems from working in global agribusiness, and seeing the harmful effects monoculture and dissociation from the land can have on the ecosystem, farmer, and consumer health. For a short period of time I lived and worked in Zambia with small scale soya farmers whose only market was an animal feed plant that had a monopoly on the country’s animal protein supply. Diversity in cropping, economic independence, and connection with the land and customers need to flourish for a healthy food system to take hold. I went on to study for a masters in Community Development and Applied Economics at UVM, conducting my research in access to local produce* while working on a farm in Burlington, VT.

al FreshCo is an aggregation of my experience on farms and observing how different communities around the world exist around food, and the impact food has globally in our day-to-day living. It is a privilege to hang out with awesome farmers from whom we source, grow and eat amazing food, and biking around Boston is just added benefit!

I continue to run al FreshCo and work on a nearby organic vegetable farm in the suburbs of Boston, where much of the al FreshCo vegetables are sourced. Building community around food and building a resilient food system is what continues to drive me, and I hope you join us on our mission to eat more locally grown produce for your own health, for the continued economic success of our farmers, and for the health of the land they cultivate.

Read My Report on Food Access

Our Crew

I am most privileged to work with a crew of farmers and farm-adjacent folx, who are into well-grown food, biking, and community, to name a few. Our delivery cyclists are hard-core, and ride though New England weather year-round in the name of local vegetables.