Tomato Ciopinno- Vegan Style- and Bengali Dal

King Oyster Mushrooms
King Oyster Mushrooms grown by NH Mushroom Co. in Tamworth, NH
Great news! White Barn Farm is harvesting some over-wintered spinach for us (!) to go in next week’s Bengali Dal! An aromatic dish with healing spices and White Barn’s gilfeather turnip!
 The cold snap has made for an unexpected return to keeping greenhouses buttoned up and heated, but warmer weather is around the corner, and before you know it, our farmers will be planting those seedlings in-ground!
We have an awesome new item on the menu- Tomato Ciopinno, traditionally made with scallops or shell fish, we’re using omega-3 and 6- rich mushrooms grown by NH Mushroom Co., and using some sea kelp for even more umami. It’s tomato based- yes we still have tomato frozen from the summer (!), and served with crisped parsnips.

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