Why Sharp Knives Matter



We, in the al FreshCo kitchen, thought we were professionals in the vegetable-cutting department until Cyrus showed up to our kitchen to sharpen our knives properly by hand. We’ll let Cyrus tell you about how important sharp blades are in keeping the integrity of the beautifully grown vegetables we chop in the al FreshCo kitchen and at home:

Why Sharp Knives Matter

Written by Cyrus Elias of Togu Knives

Using a sharp knife to cut ingredients has a huge affect on the finished dish. Cooking times, texture, and flavor are all dependent on how a given ingredient is cut.

Look at the carrots and beets in this slaw. Thin, even, and long. We cut this julienne using a freshly sharpened knife. The sharp blade makes a precise cut, separating the vegetable cleanly.  A dull blade—whether its a knife, or the coarse side of a box grater—makes a ragged cut, and on a cellular level does much more damage to the plant. What does this mean? It depends on what you’re cutting, but for carrots and beets, they will be limp and soggy. They will tend to lose more water, resulting in a pool of juice at the bottom of your slaw. A sharp knife will allow the vegetables to maintain their structural integrity, maintaining their fresh crunch all the way to the table.


The way we cut (or don’t cut) all kinds of ingredients can affect not just how our food looks, but also how it tastes. Smashed garlic will yield a drastically different flavor than minced (this is due to the formation of a chemical called allicin, you can read more about it here). This is also true for other alliums including onions and shallots. Since a dull knife does more mashing and tearing than a sharp one, even this difference can leave you with a  significant change of flavor.


Finally, foods of different sizes cook at different rates, and it’s almost impossible to get a uniform chop—or dice or mince—with a dull knife. Just as a small cookie (vegan of course) will burn to a crisp in the time it takes a large one to firm up in the center, a small piece of that minced garlic will be acrid and bitter while its large companion remains raw.


Our goal at Togu is to get sharp knives in the hands of every home cook. We offer a membership  that deliver sharp knives to your home every 8 weeks. With sharp knives your food will look better and more importantly, it will taste better too.

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