Our Mission & Story

Our Mission

We strive to make “good food” available to all. By providing convenient meal kits that are sourced from local, responsible growers, we are contributing to community well-being and working to build a more resilient regional food system.


We’re not into generating extra waste – all our vegetables come unpackaged, as they’re freshly harvested from the farm, and we get them to you with that same efficiency. Almost all our packaging is compostable.

About Laurel Valchuis

Founder, Owner

Laurel started al FreshCo in 2014 selling meal kits at the JP winter farmers’ market off her tricycle. She pedaled the trike to markets across town, and even hawked meal kits at Park St. station, spreading the ease of cooking locally grown vegetables.

Laurel founded al FreshCo when she realized that lots of Bostonians really want to eat as locally as possible, support small farms and businesses, and help improve the way that food is grown and distributed, but just don’t have the time, knowledge and access to go to farmers markets or belong to a CSA and then cook a healthy, tasty, locally-sourced meal from scratch every night.

Her creativity in seasonal cooking is inspired by her travels across eastern Africa, northern Europe, and Southeast Asia, as well as learning to cook for her dear friends in Vermont, who seem to have every known food avoidance under the sun. While working on a farm in Vermont, she enjoyed the opportunity to cook the crew a meal at lunchtime, using whatever he had available at the farm; this is the ethic which which Laurel now cooks. Laurel is inspired by her farmers, who grow vegetables that just taste great.

Laurel’s eclectic history has given her a unique understanding of the needs of eaters, farmers, and food producers.

  • She worked as an agribusiness consultant, where she learned about the global soya and corn trades.
  • She lived in East Africa, where she worked with small-holder farmers in Zambia to market their crops.
  • She’s been a vegetable farmer in Tanzania, Vermont and Ireland, and worked on an oyster farm, and she often jumps in to help al FreshCo farmers.
  • She studied community development and applied economics at the University of Vermont’s School of Agriculture.*

Laurel is an avid cyclist, so when she was trying to figure out an environmentally and economically sound way to sell and deliver her products around Boston, she came up with the idea of delivering al FreshCo via bicycle. If you look closely, you can spot Laurel carefully dodging Boston drivers on the ever-growing network of bike lanes around town.

* Her research on food system development, Stacking Beliefs and Participation in Alternative Food Systems, was published in the Journal of Hunger and Environmental Science.

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Learn how to eat fresh and local, even in winter!

What Our Customers Think

I have tried other meal kit companies, and al FreshCo is faster, has almost no waste, plus I love the mission.