Sweet Pepper Curry and Corn-Ginger Roti with Eggplant Tamarind Chutney

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Freshly milled Lost River Farm flint corn and Maine-grown wheat in an easy Indian skillet pancake: roti, with a beautiful sweet pepper curry, topped with an eggplant tamarind chutney<br /><br />
Vegetables:  Sweet pepper [Lost River Farm, Natick, MA]; Eggplant [Vanguarden Farm, Dover, MA]
 MA]  Rutabaga [Alprilla Farm, Essex, MA]<br /><br />
Legume: Cannelini Beans [Baer’s Best Beans, S. Berwick, ME]<br /><br />
Grain: Dent Corn [Lost River Farm, Natick, MA]; Spelt Flour [Maine Grains, Skowhegan, ME] <br /><br />
Spice: Curry, Turmeric; Fennel, Fenugreek; Mustard Seed; Olive Oil; Tamarind<br /><br />
Contains: Wheat<br /><br />
Vegan<br /><br />
Prep Time: 20 min<br /><br />
Tools: Cast iron skillet; stovetop
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