Sweet Miso Roasted Beets over Rice with Cashews

local vegetarian food meal kit delivered boston
Miso Roasted Summer Beets over short grain brown rice with crushed cashews and creamy white beans. Requires the oven, but mostly a set-it-and-forget-it meal, and well worth a fine dose of sweet summer beets<br /><br />
The Veggies: Beets! (Vanguarden Farm, Dover, MA)<br /><br />
Grain: Short grain brown rice<br />
Protein: Otebo Beans [Baer’s Best Beans, S. Berwick, ME]<br /><br />
Spice: Miso, Mirin, Sake, Rice Wine Vinegar, Cashews
Vegan<br /><br />
Contains: Soy, tree nuts <br /><br />
Tools Needed: Oven, Baking sheet; Cooktop; pot (or rice cooker)<br /><br />
Ready In: 40 min.
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