Roasted Squash Sambal over Amaranth

squash sambal
Roasted Squash with toasted seeds and black turtle beans with our sweet pepper paste with garlic and ginger folded in and served over amaranth with fresh cilantro<br /><br />
Vegetables: Squash, Pepper; Garlic, Ginger [Vanguarden Farm]<br /><br />
Grain: Amaranth<br /><br />
Legume:Yellow Eye Beans [Baer’s Best Beans, ME]<br /><br />
Spice: Ginger, Salt<br /><br />
Gluten-free<br /><br />
Prep Time: 20 min<br /><br />
Tools: Pot and Pan, Stovetop; Oven, Baking Sheet
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