Kale Soba Noodles with Sesame Roasted Peanuts and Kelp

fresh organic local vegan food meal kit delivered boston
Fresh, fat udon noodles with fresh red kale massaged with our version of oyster sauce, seared white salad turnips and beautiful Maine-grown black turtle beans and sesame-toasted digitata kelp with black sesame seeds and peanuts<br /><br />
The Veggies Red Kale, Hakurei Turnip [Vanguarden Farm, Dover, MA] Digitata Kelp [The Seaweed Man, Maine]<br /><br />
Protein: Black Turtle Beans (Baer’s beans, ME)<br /><br />
Grain: Udon Noodles (contains wheat)<br /><br />
Sauce: Miso; Kelp; Sesame Seeds; Dates; Shiitake Mushrooms; Rice Wine Vinegar; Sesame Oil</em>: <br /><br />
CONTAINS: Soy, Wheat, Peanuts, Sesame<br /><br />
Cook Time: 10 min.<br /><br />
Tools Needed: Stovetop, Pot<br /><br />
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