Greens Fried Rice with Harissa and Star Anise Chili Oil

healthy local meal kit delivered vegan boston
Fried short grain brown rice with beautiful Red Russian Kale, chard and collards and fresh red peppers with Maine-grown black beans and our red pepper harissa aioli with a drizzle of aromatic star-anise chili oil <br /><br />
The Veggies: Kale; Chard; Collards [Hopestill Farm, Sherborn, MA] ; Sweet Red Pepper[Lost River Farm, Natick, MA]; Garlic [Vanguarden Farm, Dover, MA].<br /><br />
Grain: Short Grain Brown Rice<br /><br />
Legume: Black Turtle Beans, [S. Berkwick, ME]<br /><br />
Spices: Garlic [Vanguarden Farm, Dover, MA]; Ginger; Chili; Star Anise; Cinnamon; Olive Oil; Peppercorn br /><br />
Tools Needed: Pan on stovetop or rice cooker; saute pan<br /><br />
Ready In: 20 min.<br /><br />
Vegan, Gluten-Free<br /><br />
Contains: Sesame
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