Potato Subji with Lime Carrot Pickle

local fresh sustainable meal kit delivered
Creamy potatoes with beautiful Euro cabbage and an aromatic spice blend, over rice, with a tangy lime carrot pickle <br /><br />
The Veggies: European Cabbage (Vanguarden Farm, Dover, MA); Potato, Onion [Brookford Farm, Canterbury, NH]; Carrot; Onion   <br /><br />
Protein: Yellow-Eye Beans [Vermont Bean Crafters, VT]<br /><br />
Grain: Brown Basmati Rice<br /><br />
Spice: Mustard, Garlic, Garam Masala, Black Pepper; Turmeric<br /><br />
Vegan, Gluten-Free<br /><br />
Tools Needed: Stovetop, Pan<br /><br />
Ready In: 30 Min.<br /><br />
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