Carrot Soup with Herbed Focaccia

Delicious, healthy, sustainable, and vegan meal kits; Delivered in Boston, MA!

Spiced Carrot Soup with Fresh herbed focaccia and white beans

Vegetables: Carrot, Basil, Garlic Scapes, Onion [Vanguarden Farm, Heron Pond Farm, S Hampton NH]

Grain: White Flour, Wheat Flour (Alprilla Farm, Essex, MA)

Protein: Jacob’s Cattle Beans (Bear’s Beans, ME)

Spices: Nutritional Yeast; Sea Salt; Paprika; Black Pepper, Sunflower Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Maple Syrup (Forest Farm, NH)


Prep: 30 minutes to cook

Tools: stovetop and oven; blender recommended

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