Butternut & Amaranth Fritters with Cranberry Chutney

bnut fritters
Julienned, sunny, butternut squash crisped with amaranth and chickpea flour, topped with bright cranberry chutney made with Ed’s goldrush apples. Awesome for a Thanksgiving appetizer!
Veggies: Butternut Squash, Scallion [Vanguarden Farm]<br /><br />
Grain: Amaranth, Chickpea Flour<br /><br />
Topping: Cranberries [Umass Farm, Amherst, MA]; Preserved Meyer Lemons [Fairview Orchard, Ojai, CA] Goldrush apples [Ed’s Orchard, Boxboro, MA]<br /><br />
Vegan; Gluten-Free<br /><br />
Tools Needed: Fry pan, cooking oil, stovetop<br /><br />
Ready In: 20 min.<br /><br />
Gluten-Free; Vegan
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