Bean & Root Burgers with Parsnip Chips

Delicious, healthy, sustainable, and vegan meal kits; Delivered in Boston, MA!

House-made black bean burgers with pickled vegetables and kimchi served with parsnip chips

The Veggies: Parsnip; Garlic (Vanguarden Farm, Dover, MA); Gilfeather Turnip, (Heron Pond Farm, S Hampton, NH); Golden Beet (Alprilla Farm, Essex, MA) .

Grain: Wheat Flour [Alprilla Farm, Essex, MA]

Protein: Black Turtle Beans

Spices: Caraway seed; paprika; sea salt; apple cider vinegar

Vegan, Gluten-Free

Cook Time: 25min.

Tools Needed: Oven, Baking Sheet, Skillet, Stovetop

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