Arugula Pancakes with Pickled Beet & Carrots

Delicious, healthy, sustainable, and vegan meal kits; Delivered in Boston, MA!

Fresh arugula crisped in a savory pancake, topped with pickled carrots and beets and a soy balsamic dressing, herbed white bean salad on the side

THE VEGGIES: Arugula; Scallions; Carrot; Beet [Vanguarden Farm, Dover, MA]

GRAIN: WHEAT FLOUR [Nitty Gritty Milling Co., VT]

Legume: Jacob’s Cattle Beans [Baer’s Beans, S. Berwick, ME]

SPICE: BLACK PEPPER, SEA SALT, CUMIN; VINEGAR; Paprika, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos; Balsamic Vinegar; Sesame Oil; Mustard


Contains: Soy, wheat

Tools Needed: Fry pan, mixing bowl, spatula, cooking oil

Ready in: 15 min.

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