Greens have Arrived on the Farm!

Green Garlic Mushroom Flatbread

Spinach, green garlic, over-wintered kale are all coming up in full force at the farm. We made it over the hump of late winter/early spring! Farmer Zannah is harvesting scallions at Powisset for us next week, and Farmer Chris has cilantro, green garlic, kale and spinach for us- what a welcomed color! Kate and Jude at the Neighborhood Farm are harvesting Red Russian Kale for us- all going into the meal kits next week!

Each week after meal kit production, the al FreshCo Crew sits down to lunch with our farmers and their farmhands to indulge in the vegetables they grew for us. This week, we whipped up a green garlic and spinach pizza topped with NH Mushroom Co. oyster mushrooms, and served with a cilantro/spinach pesto. It was divine, and raved about by the whole crew, so we’re getting it on the menu next week!

You’ll also notice, we only have 4 menu options; we are simplifying a little, and we are going to be offering the salad CSA again soon, along with other awesome add-on items. Stay tuned for the salad CSA to come!

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