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Earth Meat: Locally-Grown, Plant-Based Protein

In early spring, particularly with the winter weather we’ve been having even as we approach the middle of April, there are few options for super fresh locally-grown food outside those farmers who have some greenhouse production for spring greens. Mushrooms are a great way to have a very fresh, local treat that also happens to […]

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Delicious, healthy, sustainable, and vegan meal kits; Delivered in Boston, MA!

So much green! We have luscious spinach, pac choi, red russian kale, plus white turnips! Despite this cold and wet weather, our skillful farmers are finding a way to keep their crops warm and protected from pests- a feat to be marveled upon, and appreciated as you eat all this wonderful food! What is Community […]

Tomato Ciopinno- Vegan Style- and Bengali Dal

King Oyster Mushrooms grown by NH Mushroom Co. in Tamworth, NH Great news! White Barn Farm is harvesting some over-wintered spinach for us (!) to go in next week’s Bengali Dal! An aromatic dish with healing spices and White Barn’s gilfeather turnip!  The cold snap has made for an unexpected return to keeping greenhouses buttoned […]

Killdeer in the Fields, Maple Marinated Veggies, and Knit with Us!

Robins have begun to appear in the fields, and we even spotted a pair of killdeer searching for a nesting site: a sure sign of spring! The kohl rabi and carrots continue to hold their sweet crisp, and we’re getting more promise of fresh greens to come! It’ll be entirely dependent on the weather, but […]

Fresh Spinach and Maple Syrup

The bad news: climate change is real; the good news: fresh spinach! Farmer Chris found that his spinach is already growing in the field that we planted last fall- no greenhouse, hoop-house, or anything! We’re trying a new recipe this week: Kofta Curry: it’s an Indian Veggie-Ball smothered in awesome curry sauce and served over […]

Into the Wilds of the Allagash, a meditation on the seasons

August 15th, 2016 Floating northwards on the Allagash in the North Maine Woods, the gluttony of late summer is everywhere. A moose cow perked her ears up as we trickled past, and then lazily dunked her head in the eddy in which she stood shoulder-deep, coming back up with aquatic plants spilling down her chin. […]

Why Should I Buy ‘Local Food’?

Delicious, healthy, sustainable, and vegan meal kits; Delivered in Boston, MA!

First, what is Local Food? We hear the word “local” a lot. The term was first used to limit the geographical proximity between you, who eats the food, and where the food was grown, although there are differences in the mileage range in which you may still call your food local. The New Oxford American dictionary defines […]