Tomato Ciopinno- Vegan Style- and Bengali Dal

King Oyster Mushrooms
King Oyster Mushrooms grown by NH Mushroom Co. in Tamworth, NH
Great news! White Barn Farm is harvesting some over-wintered spinach for us (!) to go in next week’s Bengali Dal! An aromatic dish with healing spices and White Barn’s gilfeather turnip!
 The cold snap has made for an unexpected return to keeping greenhouses buttoned up and heated, but warmer weather is around the corner, and before you know it, our farmers will be planting those seedlings in-ground!
We have an awesome new item on the menu- Tomato Ciopinno, traditionally made with scallops or shell fish, we’re using omega-3 and 6- rich mushrooms grown by NH Mushroom Co., and using some sea kelp for even more umami. It’s tomato based- yes we still have tomato frozen from the summer (!), and served with crisped parsnips.

Killdeer in the Fields, Maple Marinated Veggies, and Knit with Us!

Robins have begun to appear in the fields, and we even spotted a pair of killdeer searching for a nesting site: a sure sign of spring!

The kohl rabi and carrots continue to hold their sweet crisp, and we’re getting more promise of fresh greens to come! It’ll be entirely dependent on the weather, but we may surprise you with things like spinach in the kits in the coming weeks if our farmers can get into the fields and snag it before the cold does!

We’re marinating some vegetables this week using Laurel’s freshly boiled maple syrup, and serving it over blue corn polenta- grown by Kate & Jude at Neighborhood Farm. We’re also taking advantage of the last of the squash with some sunny fritters, and we’re trying a new recipe of Vietnamese Pho (pronounced ‘fah’), which will have scrumptious NH-grown mushrooms in it.

Gather Here
Attention Cambridge dwellers: We’re having a tasting and knitting gathering at Gather Here next Thursday March 16th. Bring a knitting project, eat some al FreshCo, and hang out! 6-8pm.

Fresh Spinach and Maple Syrup

Fresh Spinach!

The bad news: climate change is real; the good news: fresh spinach! Farmer Chris found that his spinach is already growing in the field that we planted last fall- no greenhouse, hoop-house, or anything!

We’re trying a new recipe this week: Kofta Curry: it’s an Indian Veggie-Ball smothered in awesome curry sauce and served over rice. We are also concocting an amazing miso sauce made with Maple Syrup Laurel makes in NH (sugaring season is already half way through!), and with a special treat- grapefruit!

Sugaring season has been off to a roaring start- the temperature needs to be freezing at night and above freezing, and usually sunny during the day. The difference in temperature causes the sugary phloem to rise up from the roots during the day to feed the start of the buds of the trees, and will retreat to the roots when it is freezing to prevent from freezing itself, and causing damage to the tree. The sap needs to feed the bud growth before the tree is able to make its own energy through photosynthesis when the leaves come out.

Tapping a tree means cutting into that flow of sap from the roots to the limbs. It takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup! We’re so excited to bring you a bit of it in your meal kits this week!

And peep into any fields you may pass- there may be spinach out there! Spring has sprung indeed!