Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

So much green! We have luscious spinach, pac choi, red russian kale, plus white turnips! Despite this cold and wet weather, our skillful farmers are finding a way to keep their crops warm and protected from pests- a feat to be marveled upon, and appreciated as you eat all this wonderful food!
What is Community Supported Agriculture?
The model started a few decades ago for the purpose of raising funds early in the season when farmers are buying seeds, repairing and purchasing equipment, and are putting in time for all the produce to come in the coming months. Getting a financial commitment from customers before the season starts not only means farmers have the funds to purchase the goods they need, but they also know that they have a committed market for the produce they are growing. A win win!
We’re doing something a little different. Instead of getting your commitment before the season begins, we’re giving our farmers a market for some of the excess produce they are growing. It’s common to grow 10-15% more than anticipated need, as insurance against adverse weather or pests. If all goes well, our farmers end up with more produce than they can sell- which is where you come in! Give our farmers a little extra support, and get amazingly fresh veggies for six weeks!
Our salad share share starts next week! It’s 6 weeks of $20 worth of amazingly fresh veggies that are great eaten raw and in salads. You’ll get whatever our farmers harvested that day! Signup in the add-on section on the website. It’ll be delivered along wth your meal kits. If you need to skip a week consider gifting it to a neighbor, or let us know, and we will donate your box that week to the Needham Food Bank.
Also: Bootstrap Compost Pickup Promo! Last week to take advantage of this awesome deal from Bootstrap- select “Bootstrap Buddy” in the Heard About section of their checkout for 2 free compost pickups!

Killdeer in the Fields, Maple Marinated Veggies, and Knit with Us!

Robins have begun to appear in the fields, and we even spotted a pair of killdeer searching for a nesting site: a sure sign of spring!

The kohl rabi and carrots continue to hold their sweet crisp, and we’re getting more promise of fresh greens to come! It’ll be entirely dependent on the weather, but we may surprise you with things like spinach in the kits in the coming weeks if our farmers can get into the fields and snag it before the cold does!

We’re marinating some vegetables this week using Laurel’s freshly boiled maple syrup, and serving it over blue corn polenta- grown by Kate & Jude at Neighborhood Farm. We’re also taking advantage of the last of the squash with some sunny fritters, and we’re trying a new recipe of Vietnamese Pho (pronounced ‘fah’), which will have scrumptious NH-grown mushrooms in it.

Gather Here
Attention Cambridge dwellers: We’re having a tasting and knitting gathering at Gather Here next Thursday March 16th. Bring a knitting project, eat some al FreshCo, and hang out! 6-8pm.